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We believe that brand elegance, market knowledge, and customer service are essential elements to properly sell a home for the highest price in the quickest amount of time.

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Brand Elegance

Copper Hill’s brand was carefully crafted with sellers in mind. Not only to make your listing more attractive to passersby but to also attract as many buyers as possible online. Our real estate brand speaks for itself, and our advertising technology helps you attract the most attention possible to your home.

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Market Knowledge

Copper Hill’s experienced agents know how to sell a home. By using technology to our advantage, we are able to dissect local markets and understand why neighboring homes are selling at the prices and in the amount of time that they are. The more educated you are as a seller, the better you will do.

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Customer Service

Copper Hill believes that our customer service differentiates us. Any licensed agent can put up a sign, hold an open house, and overpromise. Only a properly trained and educated agent can communicate the correct expectation for a seller, which translates into a superior experience with valuable results.


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