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Much like the purchase market, the rental market in Philadelphia can move quickly.  Typically speaking, tenants will want to start their search 60-120 days prior to their desired move-in date.  The same holds true for landlords. Landlords will typically want to list their property 60-120 days prior to the desired occupancy date.


For tenants, just as it is for buyers, it’s important to identify a Realtor that you can closely work with through the process.  They will have market knowledge, experience in negotiating a lease, and a pulse on the local listings.  They can also set you up with real-time property updates to ensure that you’re immediately receiving all available inventory.


For landlords, just as it is for sellers, marketing your rental property is extremely important.  Ensuring exposure on the proper channels, creating a defined marketing plan, and pricing your rental to be competitive with the market will result in top dollar and less days on the market.


Copper Hill works closely with both tenants and landlords and can ensure that your rental needs are met.  We also have great property management relationships should you require that service.

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