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For the Independent Agent

In the city where independence was born, Copper Hill’s biggest competitive advantage is just that…independence.

Our independence allows us the creativity to structure our company in a way that’s beneficial for all, and the flexibility to pivot and adapt based on market conditions and trends. All of our team members are encouraged to collaborate and contribute to help shape our future.

Copper Hill is looking for service-oriented, forward-thinking, technology-driven individuals to grow this company with us, not for us.

Our leadership and support teams will help you accomplish two things as an Independent Agent:

1. Save more time through our exclusive transaction process.
2. Close more deals through our on-demand mentoring/coaching system.



If we had to identify the “stages” to becoming a successful real estate agent, we would call them “crawl,” “walk,” and “run.” You have to crawl before you walk, and you have to walk before you run. In order to crawl, you have to learn how to produce as an agent, which can be a difficult barrier to break through. That’s where Copper Hill comes in. We teach you how to turn a contact into a lead, turn that lead into a client, turn that client into a deal, and turn that deal into a future relationship. This is where it all begins!



Once you’ve learned how to produce as an agent, your next step is to “walk.” To walk in real estate is to excel as an agent. This is where we show you how to build your own “book of business.” Building your book through Copper Hill will give you independence as an agent, and it will allow you to create your own brand/opportunities, deliver seamless customer service, and create future referrals from the strong relationships you have forged. This is how your book grows, and also, how you grow!



Now that Copper Hill has taught you how to stand on your own two feet, you are free to “run!” Your book is growing, your reputation as a successful agent is well known, and now it’s time to lead by example. Maybe you would like to lead a team, an office, or even an investment group; or, maybe you would just like to lead your own successful career as a solo agent. No matter which path you choose, Copper Hill will help you choose a path that works best for you and your book. Independence at its best!

Be Independent

While we onboard you upfront and mentor you regularly to crawl, walk, and run, there are other advantages we offer as a brokerage that provide value to you as an agent. Here are some of them:

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Transaction Coordination

Our transaction process and team is the best in the business! It provides 2 significant forms of value to you as an agent: 1) Save more time, and 2) Close more deals.

marketingasset 17


Copper Hill coaches you on how to grow organically through your own network, personality, and interests. Our unique approach helps you expand your book.

techasset 18


We have top-notch tech that has been customized to our transaction process, marketing, and brand. Using our CRM will help you work smarter, not harder.

networkingasset 19


We take pride in our relationships and have an amazing local network. Partnering with
us means you have access to our connections. This helps both you and your clients.

mentoringasset 20


Copper Hill offers one-on-one Monthly Mentoring to every agent at our brokerage. This gives you the opportunity to learn on-demand. No more sitting through impersonal and unproductive classes.

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