Krystal Seals​, The Britto Group

Referral Agent


Krystal moved to Philadelphia in her early childhood and has lived in many areas all around the city. She has always worked in positions that involve helping others, which is her passion. Prior to obtaining her real estate license, she worked in nursing, private home care, and with the intellectually and developmentally disabled community. Krystal has three children, one of which is autistic. Krystal finds great pleasure in helping people with the next chapter of their life to find their new home or investment property. She is very trustworthy, attentive, and dedicated to her clients. Krystal is ready to be your real estate superhero!


What is your favorite Philly neighborhood, and why?

My favorite neighborhood is Northeast Philly. I love NE Philly because I’m very familiar with the area due to me living in the NE for over 10 years. I know all the neighborhoods, highways, stores and living near 95 corridor can get you just about anywhere in the matter if 20-30 mins.

What is your favorite local restaurant, and why?

My fave local restaurant currently is Longhorn because my autistic son whose appetite is very very limited, loves the Wild West shrimp from there.

What differentiates you as an agent?

What differentiates me as an agent is me being a mom to a son with autism who is non verbal. Being a mom to an autistic son isn’t easy to say the lease but it has taught me an abundance of patience and understanding. My compassion to help and assist others is what i thrive off of. It’s nothing like being apart of something so special and making life long friends in the process.

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