Adam Valone, The Avenue Team

Assoc. AIA, Realtor


Adam was born in New York and grew up primarily in Central NJ (yes, it exists), but don’t hold that against him! Adam moved to Philadelphia to attend Drexel University, and fell in love with everything Philadelphia has to offer. After buying his first home in East Passyunk Crossing in 2015, he considers South Philly home.

Coming from a background in architecture and development, Adam has always had a passion for real estate. Being in and out of so many homes and units, and receiving live feedback from clients, makes him a better designer. The knowledge and expertise he has on structures and building systems makes him an even better agent. Adam takes the time to listen and really get to know his clients, many become friends. He takes as much stress out of the process as possible, and has fun along the way. Adam values the connections he makes, and takes great pride in the trust his clients give him during such a major milestone in their lives.

His unique background and dedication to his craft enables Adam to provide home buyers and sellers with professional, responsive, and attentive real estate services.


What is your favorite Philly neighborhood, and why?

What is your favorite Philly neighborhood, and why? I’m happy to help clients both inside and out of the city. I often say I can be objective about the benefits of different neighborhoods and make recommendations catered to my clients’ needs… but I am biased to East Passyunk in South Philly. I’ve lived there for over 8 years now and love the neighborhood. I’m super close with my neighbors and we all look out for each other. It’s also super convenient, everything I need is in quick walking distance. It’s great to call such a lively and diverse neighborhood home.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

What is your favorite local restaurant? There are too many phenomenal restaurants in Philly to only pick one. If I had to pick the one I frequent most, it would definitely be the Mexican restaurant closest to my house, Mexico Lindo Y Que Rico. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall kind of place, ran by an incredibly nice family. The food is always fresh, and they make sure to make you feel at home while dining with them. Whenever I have friends over (both from within the city and from faraway), they ask if we can get the Mexican food from around the corner.

What differentiates you as an agent?

What differentiates you as an agent? I take the time to really listen to my clients. I’d rather ask tons of questions in the beginning to make everything further down the line in the process as smooth as possible. My background in architecture helps immensely not only as it pertains to building knowledge but also problem solving, organization, and a sense of urgency/ability to think on my feet to respond to unforeseen conditions.

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