Bill is a natural teacher who enjoys educating first-time investors just as much as he enjoys the journey of continuous learning from his most experienced clients and mentors.  He prides himself on maintaining clear communication and always being accessible, responsive and persistent in advocating for his client’s goals.  With an extensive background in lending, insurance, risk management and property management, Bill has a strong understanding of each aspect of the real estate transaction and actively works with clients and vendors to solve problems and keep deals on track towards a speedy and satisfactory closing.


Originally from North Jersey, Bill has called Philadelphia his home since attending and graduating from Saint Joseph’s University.  When not working with clients and managing his own real estate portfolio, he enjoys skiing, rock climbing, riding motorcycles, working on old cars and exploring new genres of art and design. Bill also acts as an advisor and volunteer for 2 non-profits in the Philly & NYC areas. Having such a diverse network allows him to continue to broaden his horizons and uncover new opportunities in business and in life, which ultimately benefit his clients as well.

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